If European Countries Were Students, What Would a Class Be Like?

A list loaded with stereotypes.

Agent Badet
4 min readJul 16, 2022


Photo by Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash

I do it without the intention of offending and it is pure irony. I hope no one takes it the wrong way. It is a list loaded with stereotypes.

The European Union: The director of the school

Iceland: He is calm with his life with a house far from the rest. Closer to the Americans by the way, he does not bother anyone or is bothered. He helps his brothers to read texts that their Viking ancestors left since only he understands them

Russia: The school bully who intimidates everyone with his atomic weapons, feels nervous as his cousin, Kalingrad, studies with the Baltic countries.

Italy: The best student in the cooking class has become less popular lately. In the past, he liked to bully Germany, but he changed sides. He is one of the most promising students and the favorite grandson of the late Roman Empire.

France: The most famous and romantic student in the school. She even tried to unite the entire school in a single classroom, with blood involved. She also blocked the UK from networks and tried to kick him out of school, but she couldn’t. She aspires to become the new school principal.

Spain: One of the most popular students at the school, it is the second with the most followers on networks, after France. He is also the only one in the school who has Spanish as his first language. In the past, he was a rival of France, but now they get along.

United Kingdom: The school lady who comes from a very important family. She liked to tease the smaller students. She did not tolerate the rules and the education system, so she dropped out of school. She now spends more time with her friends from her Commonwealth.

Ireland: He calls himself the luckiest student. When he arrived it was a very poor country, he had a son called Northern Ireland with the United Kingdom but he lost custody. Currently, thanks to his efforts, he got a scholarship and a job, and he is one of the richest students.

The Vatican: He is the youngest student in the school and the most religious. He is constantly seen praying and reading the Bible, rejecting anything he deems…