What was my path to finding a programming job?

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I am not a Harvard graduate. Instead, I studied national security, a wildly developmental and prospective major, which I decided to give up in favor of a Bootcamp for future programmers.

The mere fact that the six-month programming course gave me more than nearly three years of university studies may mean that my opinion of higher education does not seem like praise. I realized that the lack of higher education does not make me a favorite in the duel for the first job. Especially that most of the competitors are graduates of technical universities, often having their first internships for…

Terms that we developers use regularly.

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In programming, there is a lot to learn, but also a lot of terms to assimilate and it is not always easy to understand them. So I had the idea to list most of the technical terms that we developers use regularly and that you should know.

Programming concepts

  • Hexagonal architecture: In my opinion, this is the BEST backend application architecture out there. Light years away in terms of the benefits and efficiency of the MVC architecture, this is the pinnacle for developers. …

All these tools are free as well as completely open-source.

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I have found it very useful for software development activities, and I am still using them. Others seemed curious or interesting to me. All these tools, as well as free, are completely open-source.

1. JQ

A very flexible command-line tool for processing data in JSON format, such as searches, insertions, extracts. It’s a single binary with no dependencies (you can copy it where you need it and use it, especially useful for embedded Linux systems).

It is powerful. It allows advanced manipulations of data in JSON format. …

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Becoming a programmer can be such an idea for the future for all people who like creative work and are not afraid of IT challenges. But is it worth considering such a career path, and what are the main benefits of practicing this profession? I will tell you about it below.

Programmers — is one of the most sought after professional groups

Programmers, to a great extent, design and create IT programs and applications. They do this with special programming languages ​​that need to be learned just like any other foreign language.

Thanks to such tools, specialists can create various products — from complex IT systems for manufacturing companies to smartphone…

They need to think differently.

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“I always choose a lazy person to do a difficult task because he will find an easy way to solve it.”

The above phrase is attributed to Bill Gates.

It looks like he didn’t really say that, but it’s a great phrase, and it pretty much sums up a very desirable feature for programmers.

Programming is a creative process. It’s not just a repetitive process where we do things that have already been done. If it were just a repetitive process, we would have already been replaced by robots (for now, they are sitting on the copilot’s bench, right GitHub?).

I wanted to share with you all what I’ve learned as a freelancer for a decade.

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I started freelancing back in 2011. I started as a writer. Then I became a virtual assistant. Then I became a translator and social media assistant. I jumped from one employer to another every time the projects I was hired to do get done.

The problem with me back then was I wasn’t thinking long-term. So I only aimed for short-term projects. That’s why I always end up looking for a side project, but that’s all in the past.

I learned my lessons, and I wanted to share with you all what I’ve learned as a freelancer for a decade.

1. The most important thing if you are a freelancer is sales

My struggle with impostor syndrome as a programmer.

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Many developers sometimes lack confidence. But if someone thinks that his success is pure luck or the merit of others, it is probably worth reconsidering your attitude towards yourself. I’ll share a story of how impostor syndrome can get in the way of building a career and how to start appreciating yourself.

It would seem that my development career followed a standard scenario. I started creating websites at 15. I studied programming and web design in a technical school. I got to the Faculty of Computer Engineering at the university, which I wanted most of all, and graduated with honors…

Write code that is understandable to you and everyone else.

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We know that good code is read more often than it is written. On the one hand, readable code can be considered a subjective matter. On the other hand, the rules for formatting program texts depend on the language, the company, the previously written software base.

The list below is a set of simple rules to help you write readable code that is understandable to you and everyone who comes across it.

1. Do not abuse attachments

Most of the code is based on logic. We write code to make decisions, iterate, perform calculations. This often leads to branches and loops that create deeply nested…

But don’t settle for just one language.

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Let me make something obvious. The JavaScript language is not the same thing as Java, the names are really similar, but JavaScript has nothing to do with Java. So, with this common question explained, let’s go!

Nowadays, this great tool uses technologies like Node.js that work with processes on the server-side. Furthermore, it is even possible to create mobile apps thanks to the React.js library. It is a very scalable, reusable, and simple technology. It ended up being highly requested by many companies.

With that in mind, I prepared this article that shows 10 reasons to start learning JavaScript. Interested…

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