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I speak from my observations, I would not qualify as an “excellent programmer”, but I think that being aware of these few points already puts you on the right track to become one.

1. Domain, functional and business expertise

A good developer understands the field in which he works and over the years the subtleties and…

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Today I will write to you about what it is like to live with a programmer. I will first deal with all the myths about people in this industry. Then, I will present to you what life with a programmer is like, as a wife. Ready? Let’s start!

The Myths

Each programmer has completed higher education

Oh, crap…

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The stereotypical opinion says that programmers think differently. But, of course, for programmers themselves, this means that they are more logical, rational, and orderly than others.

On the other hand, those who have never had anything to do with programming argue that programmers are difficult to understand and are not…

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I am not a Harvard graduate. Instead, I studied national security, a wildly developmental and prospective major, which I decided to give up in favor of a Bootcamp for future programmers.

The mere fact that the six-month programming course gave me more than nearly three years of university studies may…

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I have found it very useful for software development activities, and I am still using them. Others seemed curious or interesting to me. All these tools, as well as free, are completely open-source.

1. JQ

A very flexible command-line tool for processing data in JSON format, such as searches, insertions, extracts. It’s…

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