These terms will give you more understanding of web development.

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In my work, I have noticed time and again that many people use technical terms whose meaning is only partially clear to them. I would like to remedy this here and briefly explain the most important terms from web development. With a little background knowledge, technical problems can be better discussed and understood.

To make it easier to understand, I have simplified many things. The aim of this glossary is to build a basic understanding and not to provide 100% correct definitions.


This abbreviation stands for A synchronous J avaScript A nd X ML. It describes a technique in which…

Good code review tools will come in handy.

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Code purity and quality are important criteria for evaluating a programmer’s work. If the code works, this is already good, but we must not forget that it must be cleaned of “garbage,” be logical, and understandable for other developers. Indeed, the work of one programmer is often only part of the code of a large software platform that will have to be maintained in the future, most likely by other people.

In companies, code reviews are usually carried out by seniors. But their time is expensive. If you partially relieve the senior of this burden, he/she can become much more…

And avoid the most common sources of error.

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Anyone who has already been intensively involved in a digital project will confirm that experience is most important in addition to the method of introduction.

That is why I present 9 tips from my own experience as an employee that will help you set up a successful web project in web design and avoid the most common sources of error.

1. Alignment of the web strategy with the corporate strategy

Isolating a web project from the company’s strategy is doomed to failure because, as I have already seen, the former is an extension of the company’s overall strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to define the platform’s goals from the basis…

Therefore, money is not synonymous with happiness.

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Over the course of your life, someone will tell you that money brings happiness. Someone else will tell you that you have to do a certain job to earn enough money to feel fulfilled. Someone else will let you understand that you have to aspire to the permanent contract, and once you find it, never let it go.

Maybe you will believe it, at least for a while. You will adapt to these “rules,” but if they do not fit your nature, you will struggle to respect them, and you will often fail. You may find yourself wondering what the…

As a beginner or an expert.

If you are a programmer or starting off in software development and programming, sooner or later, you will come across the term “software design patterns.”

What are software design patterns?

It is a general and reusable solution applicable to different software design problems. These are templates that identify problems in the system and provide appropriate solutions to general problems that developers have faced for a long period of time through trial and error.

There are many, many software design patterns, and more and more will appear. …

Which have allowed me to acquire a mental wealth which, little by little

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We all know that wealthy people are humans like you and me. But what makes them so different? Are they smarter? More determined?

I know, like most people, that the major difference comes down to mentality and habits. It is on habits that success or failure rests.

I am fascinated by successful men and women. These millionaires and billionaires who stand out very clearly from the mass (99% of people) by a model of thought that leads very clearly to habits.

I am reviewing the 7 habits of the rich from which I was able to learn and which today…

And how to recognize them when you meet them.

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An energy vampire doesn’t drink blood, but it drains your life force. You won’t get rid of it with a crucifix and garlic. You will need the right tactics. Find out who the energy vampires are, get to know their different faces, and learn to fight them.

Who is an energy vampire?

Most of us have met energy vampires on our way. They are people whose presence makes you feel depressed, angry and you begin to defend yourself by withdrawing into yourself.

After meeting them, instead of positive experiences, you are accompanied by a feeling of complete emotional exhaustion. …

No, I don’t sit in front of a computer all day long.

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As a developer, my days are organized around different projects and different tasks. All days are not the same. There is not necessarily a routine. As the projects are all different, so are the requests and the tasks too. But despite everything, I still find a certain structure in the majority of my days.

It all starts with coffee!

A typical day for a web developer starts with a good cup of coffee.

As soon as I arrive at work, a little before 9 a.m., I take my cup and head for the coffee machine. I meet my colleagues, and we discuss everything and nothing…

This is what it taught me.

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I have always been a compulsive shopper. I believe since the day I got my first credit card. I have been overdrawn every month because I couldn’t help but spend more than I earned.

Every month it was the same: I paid my rent, my bills, my groceries, and phew. I always found a way to be overdrawn until my salary came into my account. Which then returned to positive but really not for long, since I automatically said to myself:

“it’s good, I can spend, my salary has just arrived”.

After a while, since I had a big overdraft…

Based on my observations and what I have with my friends.

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Building friendships requires the involvement of you and those close to your heart. Its foundations must be strong enough to hold out during the greatest gale and collapse.

On the other hand, the pillars of this feeling must be resistant to all superficiality, triviality, and the importance of everyday emotions and moods of fate.

My greatest friend is my other half, and right after him, a group of my closest people — without them, it would be difficult to live with a smile, especially when the pandemic hit us hard.

Below you will read five signs of a true friendship…

Agent Badet

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