I wanted to share with you all what I’ve learned as a freelancer for a decade.

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I started freelancing back in 2011. I started as a writer. Then I became a virtual assistant. Then I became a translator and social media assistant. I jumped from one employer to another every time the projects I was hired to do get done.

The problem with me back then was I wasn’t thinking long-term. So I only aimed for short-term projects. That’s why I always end up looking for a side project, but that’s all in the past.

I learned my lessons, and I wanted to share with you all what I’ve learned as a freelancer for a decade.

1. The most important thing if you are a freelancer is sales

My struggle with impostor syndrome as a programmer.

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Many developers sometimes lack confidence. But if someone thinks that his success is pure luck or the merit of others, it is probably worth reconsidering your attitude towards yourself. I’ll share a story of how impostor syndrome can get in the way of building a career and how to start appreciating yourself.

It would seem that my development career followed a standard scenario. I started creating websites at 15. I studied programming and web design in a technical school. I got to the Faculty of Computer Engineering at the university, which I wanted most of all, and graduated with honors…

Write code that is understandable to you and everyone else.

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We know that good code is read more often than it is written. On the one hand, readable code can be considered a subjective matter. On the other hand, the rules for formatting program texts depend on the language, the company, the previously written software base.

The list below is a set of simple rules to help you write readable code that is understandable to you and everyone who comes across it.

1. Do not abuse attachments

Most of the code is based on logic. We write code to make decisions, iterate, perform calculations. This often leads to branches and loops that create deeply nested…

But don’t settle for just one language.

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Let me make something obvious. The JavaScript language is not the same thing as Java, the names are really similar, but JavaScript has nothing to do with Java. So, with this common question explained, let’s go!

Nowadays, this great tool uses technologies like Node.js that work with processes on the server-side. Furthermore, it is even possible to create mobile apps thanks to the React.js library. It is a very scalable, reusable, and simple technology. It ended up being highly requested by many companies.

With that in mind, I prepared this article that shows 10 reasons to start learning JavaScript. Interested…

The interest is twofold: technical and SEO.

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Minifying your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files is essential to optimize your website. The interest is twofold: technical and SEO. First, you will remove unnecessary code from your files, improving your page load time and consequently your SEO.

How does Minification work?

The minimization process aims to remove from your code:

  • Unnecessary spaces
  • Developer comments
  • Line breaks
  • Block delimiters

These characters are useful in the development phase to read your code but can pollute your site once in production. Removing them will not prevent your code from executing correctly. …

Android developers should know the use of most of these libraries.

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One of the advantages of creating an Android application is the plethora of libraries and tools available. Some are more popular and still supported. I want to share some tools and libraries that I think are worth getting to know.

Of course, these are only a handful of what’s available, but they are must-know things for anyone who wants to delve into Android programming.

1. Dagger

If you haven’t heard about dependency injection yet, it’s time to catch up! …

Because usability is nothing more than user experience.

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Usability is nothing more than user experience. The undisputed authority on UX, Jakob Nielsen, points out what constitutes UX. It’s the ease with which a visitor navigates around your site, finds the content they need, and uses its capabilities. But, of course, what also matters is the level of satisfaction provided by using the website and, of course, the number of errors.

Needless to say, good usability also translates into the bounce rate — and this is an issue close to all website administrators. Thus, user experience, apart from good content marketing, is the key to success. …

Have an entrepreneurial mind. Not just a writing mind.

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I’m sure you wondered if it’s possible to earn a living as a writer, how to generate passive income or if it really gives to live this profession so dreamed of by many. Well, today, I come to solve some doubts, demystify myths, and above all to tell you things as they are.

Regarding whether you can live as a writer, the answer is: yes, of course, you can.

As if I saw you, a halo of hope runs through you because there is the possibility that you can live from writing. However, if you succeed, it will not be…

Because this one is here to stay.

Image Source: flutter.dev

I’ve been looking for hybrid mobile solutions for some time now without learning Android (Java) or iOS (Objective-C). As a backend developer, I wanted a practical solution with pleasant documentation and a relatively low learning curve.

As I’m not a big fan of creating components from scratch, I was also looking for a set of ready-made components that were highly configurable and, finally, that were also performative. It wasn’t too much to ask, right? I was looking for something that every programmer wants when they are going to know something new.

The big problem is that all the solutions I…

Understanding these will make your journey much easier and smoother.

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React is one of the most popular libraries in the world! Consequently, many people want to learn React but end up bumping into concepts that may seem a little confusing at first. Especially for those who have never messed with anything like that.

With that in mind, I decided to clarify some of these concepts and demystify that React is complicated.

1. Props

Props come from properties and are a fundamental concept that underlies a lot of things in React. With it, we can transmit data between components. This data can have any type ( String, Int, Array, Object, etc.). …

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