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When we start a mobile application with Flutter, we can use packages to facilitate development. These packages are optional. However, some are extremely useful, and I can say that I recommend their use 100%.

Some Flutter packages are so great that I consider them essential for any project, to the point that I think they should come already included in the Flutter SDK by default. If you are a developer of mobile applications made with Flutter, knowing and using these packages can make your development much easier.

I will share the 5 packages that I personally consider essential for any…

Especially if you are a beginner.

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The beginning of any professional career is not always easy. And as the software development sector is growing and companies need more and more professionals in the area, I bring some important tips for developers who are starting their development careers.

1. Master a language and specialize in it

There are several languages ​​we can work with, each with its own characteristics and purposes. Although it is interesting to have essential notions of more than one language, the ideal is that you specialize in one of them, mastering and going deeper and deeper into the studies of the chosen language.

Furthermore, this choice must be made taking into…

Useful APIs beginners will find very useful.

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It’s hard to find a web or mobile system that doesn’t have API (Application Programming Interface) in its development — even to deliver rounder products to users. Not to mention that the development of many solutions is only possible because of these applications.

Today, APIs help by facilitating the integration between systems with different functions without losing security. I chose the most functional (and the most used) APIs that can make your job easier!

1. Watson API

Watson is an IBM API that is growing a lot due to its various functionalities and, mainly, for betting on artificial intelligence. …

No, your dream of a laptop lifestyle is a myth.

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For those who decide to become freelance programmers, this may sound like a dream come true. We see ourselves sitting on a tropical beach with a laptop at hand. The times when we had the boss over our heads are forgotten. However, the longed-for transition to ‘own’ may turn out to be an unpleasant clash with reality for some people.

I remember when I went on a real vacation for the first time. It was a family trip to a warm country, somewhere on the edge of the ocean. At that time, I was working as a freelance programmer, and…

HTML5 introduction for beginners.

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As a web programmer, it is important to evolve to keep up with the technology that is always changing and evolving.

HTML5 is a markup programming language used to structure and illustrate web content. It benefits from advanced functionalities that offer you improved media support, raising the standard in creating web applications. Therefore, HTML developers need to be up to date with the new trends and features that HTML5 offers.

1. Simplified DOCTYPE

If you are using the old XHTML DOCTYPE type, it is time to switch to the new and improved DOCTYPE. The new HTML version comes with an easy-to-use DOCTYPE.


Even if you are traveling.

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In this article, I will tell you some tips on how to solve bugs and all kinds of production problems as programming. All of these arise from my experience and perhaps.

This article is intended for web programmers working as freelancers, although it may apply to other types of programmers, sysadmins, and designers.

I don’t consider the cases in which one goes on vacation and leaves the maintenance of a system to a colleague because it seems a strange situation to me. …

And never lose sight of them.

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We are increasingly dependent on software. It’s everywhere, and not just on our screens. Some failures can be catastrophic, especially those that have to do with security and privacy, which are closely related.

Despite this, it is still common for programmers not to have security in mind while developing.

Sometimes, programmers’ attitude towards security is that this is a thing of the systems people, with their firewalls, IDS, and other control measures. However, most of the security vulnerabilities have to do with the code and how it is written.

It is essential to get used to the idea that security…

Explained in a simple way

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Ancient programming languages, such as C, Basic, or COBOL, followed a procedural style. The programs written in these languages ​​consisted of a series of instructions, one after the other, that were executed step by step.

To “enclose” functionality and be able to reuse it, they defined procedures (also called subroutines or functions). Still, global data was used, and it was tough to isolate specific data from each other. Thus, we could say that these types of languages ​​focused more on logic than on data.

However, modern languages ​​like C #, JavaScript, or actually almost any, use other paradigms to define…

And why you should use it too.

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Node.js has established itself just as well among web giants as in the technical stack of start-ups. If you’re not yet convinced, here are six great reasons to use Node.js.

1. Fullstack JavaScript: Saving time and money

Before Node.js, JavaScript was only used for frontend (client-side) development. Therefore, it was necessary to use another programming language for the backend part (server-side).

In practice, you were required to have two teams of developers, one for the frontend and one for the backend. However, with the growing popularity of Node.js, the myth of the full-stack developer has come true.

Today, it is possible to code both parts of a…

That will help make the interface not only beautiful but also useful.

From the rules that designers use in their work, I have collected several basic UX principles that will help make the interface beautiful and useful — helping users solve their problems.

The essence of minimalistic interfaces is that they should contain only the necessary elements to support user tasks. Good design should strive for maximum usefulness and usability with enough elements on the page.

If you overdo it with space cleansing, problems may arise:

  • Some important elements are missing for the users’ work. Without prompts and explanations, it is not clear where to click and what it will give;
  • The…

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