5 Traits That Make Women Better at Programming Than Men

Several features can distinguish them from men in the field of programming.

Agent Badet
3 min readApr 11, 2021


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

One of the IT industry’s biggest myths is the belief that only a man can be a programmer. This thesis’s justification is the belief that the male gender has a scientific mind and the ability to think logically, that is, abilities that women allegedly do not have. I think I could name hundreds of women at this point to prove how misleading this thesis is.

To confront this stereotype and show that, however, women have several features that can distinguish them from men in the field of programming, a very subjective checklist I created.

1. Constant desire for self-improvement

Women are born geeks who want to become a better version of themselves every day, and thus with great willingness and satisfaction, they deepen their knowledge and learn new things.

Seriously — it has to be made clear that being a programmer requires constant learning. The world of technology is changing very dynamically and to keep up with constant changes, unfortunately, or unfortunately it requires constant self-education. You just have to develop to be good. And women can do it.

2. Creativity and an open mind

Everyone agrees that a good programmer must have an open mind and a creative approach to the topic. Nowhere can we find ready-made solutions, written from A to Z.

Each task requires an unusual approach to the topic and searching for the best solutions. There is a reason Bill Gates said, “I always choose someone lazy for the most difficult task. He will always find the easiest way to do it.” From my subjective point of view, women do not have to be lazy, and they will still find the easiest and best idea to solve the problem.

3. Accuracy and attention to detail

These features are especially useful for keeping your code beautiful and working (yes, I know, no one ever told someone they wrote beautiful code). Everyone knows that even the lack of a comma can cause a huge catastrophe, not only in the eyes of code reviewers. Accuracy…